Our 5 Stans tour brings together most of the highlights of the region at the lowest possible price and has become one of our most popular tours.


We have condensed the tour into 2 weeks to enable it to fit better into people's holiday schedules so you're not using up all your annual leave in one go. This does however mean that there is a lot of travelling involved with not too many days of rest in between. Please be aware of this before booking.


If the fast pace of the two week tour is a concern, we have launched our first 3 week tour to the region in August 2018.


We think this tour is a great taster to the region and we hope it will give you the chance to see which countries you like the most and hopefully come back to explore them in more depth in the future.


2018 Tour dates Tour name Price
20 May-3 June 5 'Stans *Tour Full* TOUR FULL!
22 July - 5 August 5 'Stans *Tour full* TOUR FULL!
29 July - 8 August Turkmen, Uzbek and Tajik adventure From £1,469
29 July - 19 August Extended 3 week 5 'Stans! From £2,545
7 August - 18 August Tajik, Kyrgyz and Kazakh tour From £1,045
2 September-16 September 5 'Stans *Tour full* TOUR FULL!
14-28 October 5 'Stans From £1,599
2019 Tour dates Tour name Price
19 May-2 June 5 'Stans From £1,699

Payment methods.

A £250 deposit is taken on booking and can be made by credit card (via Paypal), bank transfer or cheque.

Balance can be paid in advance by bank transfer or cheque or Paypal, 8 weeks prior to departure.