Chernobyl Tour

Chernobyl Military Tour

Visit the site of the worlds worst ever nuclear disaster.

On 26th April 1986, reactor number 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, killing many people at the plant and led to massive radioactive fallout (thirty to forty times the amount released at Hiroshima). The fallout spread over a massive geographical area, killing and harming thousands more in the following years.

Twenty years later the levels of radioactivity have died down and the Ukrainian government are now allowing select groups of people into the area on organised tours.



The price to join a group tour is just £119. This is inclusive of all permits, insurance, transport, guides and meals. We run these tours daily.

For a one day group tour which also includes two nights (private apartment) accommodation in Kiev and airport transfers the price is £239. For three nights it will be £275.

We also arrange two day tours of Chernobyl and Prypyat, including an overnight stay in a Chernobyl hotel with all meals included (cooked with food brought from outside the zone!) . Prices are as follows:

2 people: £479 per person
3 people: £439 per person
4 people: £399 per person
5+ people: £349 per person

Upcoming two day tour dates:

19th and 20th April 2014: £329
11th and 12th October 2014: £329


*Please note we require a minimum of 15 days to process permits for the zone. If less than 15 days then we are sometimes able to apply for a late permit for an additional £10.

*As of the 12th April 2012 there is no longer access to the inside of buildings on the tours. The majority off buildings have now deteriorated to a state where they are no longer safe to access. This is a ruling from the Interinform Agency and we have no power over it. If and when this changes we will publish further information here.

Payment can be made in Euros, USD or Hryvnia.


- For extra nights accommodation in Kiev please add £35 per person per night.

- full Kiev weekend package prices are per person, based on 2 sharing. Please add £69 for sole occupancy

- please allow at least 15 days (11 working days) before your planned departure to allow us enough time to process your permits.

- please note that you will have slightly less time on the bigger sized group tours due to a more lengthy process at the exclusion zone checkpoints

- the zone is a restricted area and as a result we cannot give 100% guarantees on the tours taking place. In summer 2011, the zone was suddenly closed by the government causing all tours to be cancelled. All government issues are now resolved and we don't expect the zone to close again but if it ever does then we will give 100% tour refunds.

Payment methods
We accept payment via Bank Transfer, cheque, or all major credit cards (via PayPal).

Payment can be made at once or in instalments, whichever is easiest for you.

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