This Summer we are sponsoring the inaugural Central Asian Challenge!


The route taken is from Europe to Kyrgyzstan via Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. 


For the keen drivers amongst you, we have several treats! The Transfagarasan Highway, Northern Turkey's world famous D865, bizarre Caspian sea beach resorts, the Darvaza gas crater (door to hell), the 7km long Anzob Tunnel (tunnel of death), a route through the Pamir mountains that rivals the sights of the Pamir highway (one of highest in the world). There is also a cargo ferry crossing on the Caspian sea.


There is no obligation to stick to this route - depending on the weather, capability of your vehicle and what time you left the bar the previous night you may find that you have to be a bit inventive. And by going off the beaten track you may find great new options for the next group to look at.


The timetable below assumes a fast pace and limited rest (repair!) days - if you have the luxury of not being a wage slave and / or intend taking a low-powered vehicle (which is doubly heroic) you may wish to consider giving yourself a head start!


At the end of the rally, we have arranged for all vehicles taking part to be donated to a Bishkek orphanage.

Saturday July 30th

Set off from your starting point, through to Cologne.

Sunday July 31st

A 574 mile drive from Cologne to Budapest.

Monday August 1st

Depart Budapest and make the 338 mile journey to Sibiu.

Tuesday August 2nd

359 mile trip from Sibiu to Yambol.

Wednesday August 3rd

Depart Yambol for Istanbul. Total distance 211 miles.

Thursday August 3rd

A 456 mile journey from Istanbul to Cappadocia.

Friday August 4th

A well earned day of rest! Chance to check out the suites of Cappadocia.

Saturday August 5th

Depart Cappadoccia for Sivas. 165 miles.

Sunday August 6th

Today drive 308 miles from Sivas to Rize.

Monday August 7th

A 318 mile journey today from Rize through to Tblisi, Georgia.

Tuesday August 8th

Day of rest.

Wednesday August 9th

Today cross into Azerbaijan, from Tblisi to Baku. 361 miles.

Thursday August 10th

Today take the cargo ferry from Baku to Turkmenbashi, across the Caspian sea.

Friday August 11th

Arrive Turkmenbashi and take the 360 mile road East to Ashgabat.

Saturday August 12th

Depart today for the highlight of Turkmenistan: Darvaza gas crater. 170 miles.

Sunday August 13th

Drive North 250 miles to Khiva, Uzbekistan.

Monday August 14th

285 mile journey East to Bukhara.

Tuesday August 15th

Depart Bukhara for the gem of Uzbekistan: Samarkand. 175 miles.

Wednesday August 16th

191 mile journey across to Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Thursday August 17th

Drive 191 miles today - 5 of those through the tunnel of death en route to Khujand!

Friday August 18th

Cross into our final country today - 219 miles to Osh, Kyrgyzstan.

Saturday August 19th

Final leg of the journey - 384 miles to Bishkek

Entry fee for this tour is £500 per vehicle.

We will also be on hand to offer full advice on visas and permits as well as offering assistance in obtaining them. We can also book accommodation for you at any stage of the route if you require it.


Please note that this is a left hand drive rally only due to the fact right hand drive cars are illegal in Azerbaijan. Cars are to be provided by entrants. A maximum of 2 people per car so that you can be moved into other cars in case of breakdown!


The cargo ferry from Baku does not run to a regular schedule so your departure here may be delayed. However, it does generally depart daily.