What does the price include?
The price includes travel to Chernobyl, an English speaking guide, permit to enter the exclusion zone, tour around Prypyat and a 3 course meal on the general tour. The tour package includes flight transfers and 2 nights accommodation in a hotel in the centre of Kiev. The overnight Chernobyl tour includes accommodation in a Chernobyl hotel as well as dinner, lunch and breakfast.

What does the price not include?
The price does not include flights to the Ukraine. Insurance and visas (if needed) are also not included. Please email us for further details.

Can I take photographs?
Photographs are allowed within the exclusion zone and around Prypyat. The only areas that photos are not advised are of soldiers at the border checks.

Is Chernobyl safe?
The levels of radiation, even though higher than normal levels are now considered safe. You will be exposed to no more radiation than on a Transatlantic flight or undergoing an X-Ray.

Why visit Chernobyl?
People have many different reasons for visiting Chernobyl. From scientists and former residents of the area through to photographers and people simply interested in learning about the disaster. Whatever your reasons may be, please remember the devastation that the accident caused and is still causing today. We advise you to visit the Chernobyl Museum in Kiev prior to your trip to fully appreciate the extent of the horrors caused by the explosion.

How long is the tour?
We arrive at Chernobyl around 11am and leave at approximately 6pm. Those travelling in larger groups will have slightly less time as the bigger the group, the longer it will take to pass through the checkpoints.

What time is checkout?
Checkout is at 12.00 on day of departure. If your flight is the evening then you can leave your luggage at reception. You just need to head back here later to pick up your bags and also be met for your transfer back to the airport.

Is Chernobyl featured in Call Of Duty 4?
Yes, the town of Prypyat is featured in the computer game Call Of Duty 4. Many gamers, mainly due to their age were unaware of the Chernobyl accident and have been surprised to learn that one of the levels of the COD game is actually a real place designed exactly to scale of Prypyat itself.

Are there any age restrictions on entering the zone?
Unfortunately there is a minimum age limit of 18 set by the Ukrainian government.