Our Dandong day tour is the perfect way to split up the long train journey from Beijing to Pyongyang and to give you a great introduction to North Korea.

The day tour includes lunch and costs just £65 if taken the day before one of our groups enters North Korea, on other days the tour costs £80. We can also arrange 3* accommodation for you in Dandong, from £10 a night (based on two people sharing).

The tour kicks off at 10am as you're picked up from your accommodation and driven east to the Tiger Mountain Great Wall; the most Easterly part of the wall in China, which ends right on the border. Along the way our guide will tell you all about what life is like living so close to North Korea. Once we get to the wall you'll have time to climb up to the top, earning yourself a spectacular view into Korea, or to explore the area; seeing the smallest width of the river where you can almost jump across in to Korea.

Next up we head off to the speedboats where we will take a tour along the Yalu River. We will see the various North Korean navy stations along the banks of the river and if we are lucky we may get a chance to visit some Chinese merchants on their boats posing as illegal North Korean cross border traders.

After lunch we will head West to the brand new, but unused, suspension bridge to North Korea. Our guide will explain the story of this new development, that abruptly came to a halt as China's relations with North Korea worsened in recent years.

Finally we head back to Dandong city centre and walk out onto the old broken bridge which was bombed out by the US air force during the Korean War.