Do I need a visa for Eritrea?
Visa are required by all visiting Eritrea. For those living in a country without an Eritrean Embassy, we are able to obtain invitations for visa on arrival. For everyone else we register your application with the Ministry in Asmara and then you are able to apply at your local Embassy. The process takes from 2-4 weeks and generally requires you to visit the Embassy in person. If you can't be without your passport for this duration then it's generally possible to take it away with you and take it back once they're ready to issue your visa.

What currency can I use in Eritrea?
Only the local Nakfa currency can be used in Eritrea. This can be bought on arrival with most major foreign currencies.

Is Eritrea safe?
Eritrea is a very safe and welcoming country to visit.

Is internet available?
Wifi is available in the hotels but it is often not working or extremely slow.