Do you issue visa codes?
Visa authorisation codes which enable you to obtain a visa are included free of charge with our tours. For anyone looking to travel independently, we can obtain a visa authorisation for you at a price of £49.
Processing time is usually around 2 weeks but can often be longer, depending on the political situation at the time. Please note visa codes are only possible on group tours for UK, US and Canadian citizens. All other nationalities can travel independently. Visa codes for our group tours are usually issued 4 weeks prior to departure but there can sometimes be delays. Once you have the visa code you will need to take it to your nearest Embassy to collect your visa. Processing times are 1-3 days. Prices vary between Embassies and between nationalities.

Do women have to follow the Islamic dress code?
Yes, you are required to cover your arms and legs and also wear a head scarf. We can provide you with suitable scarf or you are welcome to bring your own.

Do men have to follow the Islamic dress code?
It is advised for men to wear long trousers, but short sleeved shirts are ok.

Is alcohol allowed?
Alcohol is strictly prohibited, all throughout Iran.

Are credit cards accepted?
Credit cards are not accepted, only cash which can be exchanged at the airport or at certain banks.

How much freedom will I have in Iran?
As of April 2014, UK and Canadian citizens are subject to the same travel restrictions as US citizens. Citizens from each of these countries must be accompanied by a guide at all times. Independent travel is no longer possible. This means that on group tours the itinerary must be kept to strictly and leaving the group to visit places alone is not possible. All other nationalities can travel around freely and do not have to be accompanied by a guide. For Americans, Brits and Canadians - if you would like more flexibility from a tour then we advise booking a private tour rather than a group tour so that you can have full flexibility to change the itinerary as you go along if required.

Do mobile phones work in Iran?
Only some foreign mobiles are able to roam in Iran. Please check with your service provider before the trip.

Can I visit Iran if I've been to Israel?
It is not possible to visit Iran if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport.