Is Iraq safe?
Our tours are based strictly in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

This area is a separate entity to Southern Iraq and is perfectly safe for tourists. Kurdish Iraq was unaffected by the 2003 war and has since seen massive economic development taking place. The Kurdish region has a great deal of autonomy with its own government, army, police force and secure border. Foreigners are made to feel very welcome in this region.

Outside of Kurdish Iraq remains extremely dangerous, but our tour keeps well away from these regions (and furthermore, a separate visa is required to enter this part of Iraq). There have been no incidents with foreigners since prior to the 2003 Iraq war.

Despite issues with ISIS in the region during mid-late 2014, they were pushed back from the Kurdish border and the Peshmerga have kept the lines strong and are continuously pushing back further. Bombs are extremely rare in the Kurdish region, but on the occasion that they do happen they have been targeted at government offices and police stations. We monitor the situation daily and would reevauluate the tours should security in the region decline. Please check with us for a current update on the situation.

Is it required to follow the Islamic dress code?
This is not required but it is advised to dress reasonably conservatively. Women do not need to wear a head scarf but they should bring one for entering mosques.

Is alcohol allowed?
Alcohol is allowed but not widely available.

Are credit cards accepted?
Credit cards are not widely accepted and there are not many ATMs available. It is advised to bring cash with you (US Dollars are the preferred currency).

Is internet available?
Wifi is available at all hotels throughout the tour.

Which flights can I book to get to Diyarbakir?
Turkish Airlines and Pegasus fly to Diyarbakir from Europe with prices ranging from £250-£350. The flights involve a change in Istanbul.

There are also a few options to fly into Erbil, but these prices are much more expensive, usually around the £500-£600 mark. We recommend the Diyarbakir option as you then get to see the Northern area of Kurdish Iraq as well as Kurdish Turkey which is very seldom visited by tourists.