Do I need visas for Moldova and Transnistria?
For the majority of nationalities (including EU, US, Australia) visa is available on arrival for both Moldova and Transnistria. Moldova is a stamp in the passport and Transnistria is a visa on a separate piece of paper.

What is the overnight train like?
It is a comfortable train with 4 berth cabins. Sheets and blankets are provided. Food and drink can be purchased on the train. There is a long wait onboard the train at the border whilst passports are checked and the bogeys are changed on the train (Moldovan train tracks are the larger old Soviet gauges)

Is Transnistria safe?
Transnistria is a perfectly safe place to visit. Stories of regular police shakedowns are now all but in the past.  We are also accompanied by a Transnistrian guide at the border crossing and in sensitive areas to help avoid any problems.