The Secret State. The Hermit Kingdom. The Democratic Peoples Republic Of Korea. Whatever you wish to call it, it is a place like no other, completely shut off from the outside world since 1953.

Our trips are sure to leave a big impression on you.

Head behind the world's last remaining 'iron curtain' to catch a glimpse of what life is like in there. Truly one of the most rewarding, bizarre and unique travel adventures you will ever experience!

Here are prices for private tours during 2019 and 2020:

Private tours
(available on any date). Each tour includes the return sleeper train from Beijing to the NK border. Itineraries are customiseable but the most popular options are 2 nights (Visit Pyongyang). 3 nights (Pyongyang and the DMZ). 4 nights (PY, DMZ and Mt Myohyang). 7 nights adds on 3 days on the beaches at Wonsan and visiting Kumgang national park. 10 nights adds on the West coast at Nampo, Sincheon and Sariwon.

Nights in NK: 2 3 4 7 10
1 person €995 €1,170 €1,360 €1,995 €2,795
2-3 people €825 €985 €1,145 €1,785 €2,395
4-5 people €685 €860 €1,020 €1,470 €1,995
6+ Contact for a quote

All the above private tour prices are starting and ending the tour in Beijing. To start and end in Dandong, please reduce the price by 100 euro.

Private tours can be customised and we also have experience arranging Sabbath/Shabbat compliant tours as well as tours for clients with disabilities. We can also arrange North Korean guides fluent in French, Spanish, German, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese and Chinese.

Balance payment must be paid in cash on arrival in Euros.

If you wish to add more days to the tour, the cost will vary based on group size and itinerary. If you wish to visit different regions to those on the standard tour then the price will vary slightly, please contact us for further details.

For details of the 7 day tour please click here. The longer tours can be tailored to your request. You can also leave a day earlier from North Korea if you are short of time, for a reduced rate. Please email for details.

How to secure your place.

A deposit of €250 per person is required upon booking a private tour. This covers the Chinese portion of the trip and booking services.

The balance of your tour must be paid in cash on arrival in Euros.

We are unable to take any payment for North Korea through our accounts.