Our upcoming tour dates and the itinerary of our standard tour is below.

Our standard North Korea tours start in Beijing. However, we also offer a cheaper option of beginning and ending the tour in Dandong (North East China).

You can find below the standard itinerary that can be booked as a private tour any time of year. For details of longer tours please email us.

Private tours can be customised and we also have experience arranging Sabbath/Shabbat compliant tours as well as tours for clients with disabilities. We can also arrange North Korean guides fluent in French, Spanish, German, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese and Chinese.

Our upcoming current group tours can be seen below. They are all guaranteed departures. If you are looking to make a short trip in to North Korea we also offer a day tour in to the country for just £250 including visa...

2018 Tour dates Tour name Nights in Korea Price
Dec 29th - Jan 4th 2019 New Years tour 4 * TOUR CLOSED *
2019 Tour dates Tour name Nights in Korea Price
January 14th-20th January tour 4 from £619
February 14th-20th Kim Jong-il Birthday tour 4 from £719
April 4th-10th Pyongyang Marathon tour 4 from £865
April 11th-17th Kim Il-sung Birthday tour 4 from £719
April 11th-20th Kim Il-sung Birthday Coast to Coast tour 7 from £1,149
April 11th-23rd Kim Il-sung Birthday extra long tour 10 from £1,599
April 24th-26th Army Day Chollima budget express tour 2 £399
May 13th-19th Spring tour 4 from £719
May 13th-22nd Spring extended tour 7 from £1,149
Summer - Please note poor weather can cause flight delays in to Beijing in Summer
June 10th-16th Early Summer tour 4 from £719
July 25th-31st Victory Day tour 4 from £719
July 25th-August 3rd Victory Day extended tour 7 from £1,149
July 25th-August 6th Victory Day extra long tour 10 from £1,599
August 12th-18th Liberation Day tour 4 from £719
August 12th-21st Liberation Day long tour 7 from £1,149
August 12th-24th Liberation Day extra long tour 10 from £1,599
September 5th-11th Founding of the DPRK tour 4 from £719
September 5th-14th Founding of the DPRK extended tour 7 from £1,149
September 5th-17th Founding of the DPRK Extra long tour 10 from £1,599
September 13th-16th DPRK Amateur Golf Open! 3 from £999
October 7th-13th Party Foundation Day tour 4 from £719
October 7th-16th Party Foundation Day extended tour 7 from £1,149
November 18th-24th Early Winter tour 4 from £619
December 8th-10th Chollima budget express tour 2 £399
Dec 30th - Jan 4th 2020 New Years tour 4 from £719
2020 Tour dates Tour name Nights in Korea Price
January 13th-19th January tour 4 from €695

Below is an example of our standard tour:

Depart Beijing Railway station at 17:25 onboard the train to Dandong. Relax in the restaurant car before returning to your cabins to sleep overnight.

Arrive in Dandong at 7:15. We have a couple of hours break to get breakfast before returning to the train station for the 10:00 train to Pyongyang. The train departs and we cross the Yalu river on the Sino-Korea Friendship bridge over to Sinuiju. The train stops at North Korean customs where we will remain for around 2 hours before continuing the journey to Pyongyang. View the Korean countryside and workers in the fields through the train windows throughout your journey to the capital. Packed lunch provided on the train. The journey is a great chance to mix with locals on the train and also stand on the bustling platforms while the train stops at each town along the way. We reach Pyongyang in time for dinner at the Yanggakdo hotel. Evening spent at leisure around the hotel grounds. Check out the hotel's microbrewery or head up to the revolving bar on the top floor with incredible vistas of Pyongyang. There's also the chance to go bowling, play pool or perform on karaoke!

After breakfast we are driven to Mount Myohang to explore one of the most beautiful areas in the Korean peninsula. On arrival we visit the International Friendship Exhibition Hall, a huge complex consisting of over 100,000 gifts given by various world leaders and figures to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Including the extravagant sight of two trains given to Kim Il Sung by Chairman Mao and Joseph Stalin! After visiting the exhibit highlights we are taken onto the balcony of the exhibition hall to view the breathtaking scenery of the area. We leave the exhibition hall and drive to nearby Pohyon Temple. The temple dates from the 11th Century and the founding of the Koryo Dynasty. It is one of the few remaining Buddhist temples in North Korea. The local guide will give you a tour of the site and introduce you the the temple's monks. After lunch in Myohang-ch'on we return to Pyongyang and visit the Arch of Triumph and Mangyongdae Native House. Afterwards we will visit the Youth palace to watch a special performance by local children. We will go for a traditional Korean meal before returning to the hotel in the evening.

After breakfast we head to Panmunjom, the 'truce village' that straddles the North/South Korean border and visit the Armistice Hall, where the truce was signed at the end of the Korean war. We are given talks by North Korean military personnel explaining the history of the site before heading over to visit the DMZ or Military Demarcation line; an area that Bill Clinton described as 'one of the most dangerous places in the world'. If there are no tourists on the Southern side then we will have the chance to go inside the blue buildings which straddle the border. Once inside you can walk freely across the North and South border. Afterwards we drive to Kaesong to visit the Koryo History Museum before a traditional Kaesong lunch. We then return to Pyongyang in the afternoon to view the Tower of Juche Idea, take a trip on the Pyongyang Metro and visit the Mansudae Monument and view the newly constructed giant bronze statue of Kim Jong Il now stood next to his father. We will then visit one of the best restaurants in Pyongyang, the Duck BBQ before returning to the hotel where you will have the chance to shop at the export store. Buy anything from books, CDs and DVDs to stamps, pin badges and propaganda artwork. Depending on what activities are available at the time of the tour, we also offer the option of spending the evening outside the hotel, visiting either the funfair, orchestra, circus or bar.

After breakfast we take a full day tour of Pyongyang. We begin at the Kumsunsan Memorial Palace, also known as "Palace of the Sun". This is one of the most revered sites in North Korea, being the resting place of the bodies of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. See many of the personal belongings and items of both former leaders; everything from Kim Jong Il's Mac to his yacht! Finally we get to see both leaders lying in state in their glass coffins. We then head for lunch by Kim Il Sung square before visiting the Grand People's Study House. In here we can stand in on English lessons, visit 'the great philosopher' who answers questions on any subject, and also visit the library, computer and music rooms. We later move on to the Korean War museum where as well as shot down US planes and captured weapons we can also climb aboard the USS Pueblo - the only US navy ship in captivity anywhere in the world. Afterwards we will have a farewell dinner in a Pyongyang restaurant before returning to the hotel.

After breakfast we will return to the train station for our journey back to Sinuiju and out of North Korea. Lunch is provided on the train. Arrive back in Dandong at 16.30 before departing to Beijing at 18:30.

Arrive in Beijing at 8:30

* Tours are subject to change.
Some aspects of the tour might be altered slightly depending on the guides/weather/time of year.
Some guides will offer extra places to visit, depending on how much they like you!

Our budget priced North Korean tours allow you to enter the country by train, thus enabling you to view true North Korean village life as you pass through the countryside.
However, for anyone who would prefer to travel by air, our partners in China can arrange flights by Air Koryo or Air China on request.


Please note we cannot take any payments for North Korea through out accounts. This must be brought in cash on arrival.