How difficult is the visa process?
We will provide you with supporting visa documents within 5 working days of booking onto our tour. You can then use these documents to apply for your visa at your nearest Embassy or visa service centre. Processing times are dependent on your location and can vary. In the UK, visa applications must go via Gerry's visa service and you can only apply at the one closest to your residence. The Manchester centre has a average turnaround of just 2 days. The centres in London have taken anything from 5 days to 5 weeks.

What is the dress code?
Lahore is reasonably liberal, but it is recommended to wear modest dress at all times and keep your legs covered. Women should bring scarves to cover up tehir hair during visits to mosques and shrines.

Is alcohol allowed?
It's legal for non-Muslims to drink alcohol but it's very difficult to obtain.

Can I visit Pakistan if I have been to Israel?
An Israeli stamp in your passport will not cause any problems.

How safe is Pakistan?
The general threat towards tourists in the region we are travelling to is low. Once outside of Lahore we will use armed police escorts when travelling between cities and occasionally inside cities if and when it's advised from the local authorities.

Can citizens of Indian heritage visit Pakistan?
We are unfortunately unable to secure visas for anyone of Indian heritage.