Pitcairn Island is the destination of the HMS Bounty mutineers and the home of their descendants to this day. The islands rich and unique history, combined with it's warm and friendly community, truly make a trip of a lifetime.

Our tours will depart from the Gambiers Islands in French Polynesia and return a week later. We will spend 2 nights at sea during each leg and 3 nights on the island itself. If you wish to spend longer on the island, this can also be arranged.

Please check with us regarding availabilty before booking flights, all trips are $4,950 per person.

2019 Tour dates Temp. °C
Jul 23-3018-22°C
Aug 6-1318-22°C
Aug 13-2018-22°C
Aug 20-2718-22°C
Aug 27-Sept 319-23°C
Sept 3-1019-23°C
Oct 8-1519-26°C
Oct 15-2219-26°C
Dec 10-1721-27°C

Day 1 + 2: Gambiers islands, French Polynesia.

Transfer to our ship to make the 32 hour voyage to the Pitcairn Islands. All meals will be included on the ship, and you will be in twin accommodation.

There is one flight a week to the Gambiers Islands from Papeete which the ship is scheuled to line up with. The boat will wait for the arrival of this flight.

All of day 2 will be spent at sea.

Day 3: Adamstown, Pitcairn Island.

In the morning we will arrive at Pitcairn! We will transfer from our ship to the landing docks at Bounty Bay, the location of the wreck of the HMS Bounty. The islands famous longboats, piloted by the locals, will take us from our ship to land.

We'll then climb up to Adamstown on the steep path, dubbed "The Hill of Difficulty", and head to our homestay accommodation. Overnight on Pitcairn.

Day 4 + 5: Adamstown, Pitcairn Island.

We'll now have 2 whole days free on the island to take part in many of the islands activities. We can help to arrange quadbike tours, kayaking, guided tours, fishing trips and evening snorkelling and scuba trips to the wreck of the HMS bounty.

You can pay a visit to the local museum with a canon from the Bounty as well as the church which has the ships bible. It's also possible to visit the grave of John Adams, the only grave of a Bounty mutineer on the island.

Day 6 + 7: Depart from Pitcairn and time at sea

Today we will depart from the Pitcairns islands and begin our journey back to the Gambiers. Overnight at sea on days 6 and 7.

Day 8: Arrival bank in the Gambiers

Today we arrive back to the Gambiers where the Air Tahiti flight back to Papeete will be waiting for us.

Tour price: $4,950 (Approximately £3,900 as of April 2019) - $1,000 deposit

This prices includes:

- The return sailing from the Gambiers Islands to Pitcairn Island and back
- all meals
- Twin accommodation on the ship
- Homestay accommodation on Pitcairn
- Landing fees for Pitcairn

Not included:

- Return flight from Papeete to the Gambiers Islands (We can advise on these and can help to arrange, please contact us with any questions. £5-600 approx.)
- International flights to French Polynesia
- Water taxi from Gambiers airport to the docks, 1,000 XPF each way