Is Somaliland safe?
Somaliland is a separate entity to the rest of Somalia and is perfectly safe for tourists. It is for all intents and purposes, a separate country. The country has it's own government, currency, border control, police and army. The Somaliland people are desperate for their country to be recognized as an independent state and are extremely warm and friendly to visitors.

Do I require visas for Ethiopia and Somaliland?
Visas are required for both Ethiopia and Somaliland. Ethiopia visas are available at Embassies around the world. For UK citizens they are priced at £15. Somaliland visas are available in the UK, USA and Ethiopia. Visas in London are priced at £30. For anyone based in other countries, please contact us for advice on obtaining your visa.

Is alcohol allowed?
Alcohol is available in Ethiopia but not Somaliland where it is illegal. Everyone chews khat instead of drinking alcohol in Somaliland!

Are credit cards accepted?
Credit cards are not widely accepted in Ethiopia and are not accepted at all in Somaliland. ATM's can be found in Addis Ababa to withdraw cash but we don't recommend relying on them, bring enough money with you. US dollars are accepted everywhere in Somaliland.

Is internet available?
Wifi is available at all hotels throughout the tour.

Will my mobile phone work?
Your phone will not connect to the local network in Somaliland. In Ethiopia you can connect for calls and texts but generally roaming is not available. Check with your network provider for clarification.

Where does the tour end?
The tour ends in Hargeisa to give people the flexibility to continue travelling around the region if they so wish. For those wishing to go directly back to Addis Ababa to fly home, flights are approximately £170 (to be booked yourself). You may also wish to consider travelling onwards to other countries in the region such as Djibouti, Yemen or South Sudan.