What does the price include?
The tour package price includes:

- All train tickets (2nd class) throughout the journey
- Hostel accommodation (or hotel for upgrade tour) in each stop along the route except Olkhon Island (wooden cabin) and Terelj National Park (Ger camp).
- Train station transfers in Irkutsk and Ulaanbataar
- All meals included on Olkhon Island and during Terelj NP tour
- Public transport to Lake Baikal and Olkhon Island
- Private transport to Terelj NP
- Driver/guide for Olkhon Island tour
- English speaking driver and guide for Terelj tour
- Russian visa invitation and supporting documents for Chinese and Mongolian visas

What does the price not include?
The price does not include:

- International flights to/from Russia and China
- Visa fees
- Travel insurance
- Meals on trains and in each city
- Tips for guides

Which visas do I need?
Most nationalities require visas for Russia, Mongolia and China.

We will providing you with all the necessary support paperwork and instructions prior to you applying for your visas.

Visa fees vary between nationalities, please check your nearest Embassies

Are ATMS available?
ATMs are available in each city, including Irkutsk and Ulan Bator.

What are the trains like?
The trains are split into three separate classes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd. First class cabins are 2 berth, second class are 4 berth whilst third class are full dorm like carriages with rows of beds. First class cabins are not always available but often a cheaper option for those wanting private cabins is to book full use of a second class cabin. Clean sheets and blankets are included.

There is a restaurant on each train that serves meals throughout the day. There are also two toilets per carriage as well as sinks for washing. There is also a constant supply of boiling water available to make your own cups of tea and coffee, noodles etc.

When do the tours run?
The tours are available every week throughout the year. Rather than offer a few group dates, we set up the tours so that they are available at all times, whether there is 1 or 40 people looking to take a tour that week.

Some weeks there are big groups taking the tours, others there are just one or two people. They run all the time without fail and the price remains the same unless just one person taking the tour, when there is a small surcharge.

Will we be accompanied by a guide?
The tours are not full guided affairs; you will travel alone on the trains. Guides and drivers are provided when necessary such as transfers from stations and on each tour.

Do you cater for vegetarians?
Yes vegetarians are catered for. Please inform us of your dietary needs beforehand.

When is the best time to take the tour?
The Summers are very hot whilst the Winters are very long and cold, especially in Siberia. Mongolia is more interesting in Summer when the snow cover has disappeared and you can see the vastness of the desert. Siberia is interesting throughout the year. Lake Baikal is a special place at all times, but it's an incredible experience to visit in Winter and walk across the lake whilst gazing down through the clear blue ice.

However, if you decide to travel in Winter, please be aware the temperatures can drop to as low as -40C! The trains and accommodation are well heated but please ensure you wear appropriate clothing for venturing outside!

How much money will I need?
A difficult question to answer! Moscow and St Petersburg are expensive cities, Irkutsk is mid ranged whilst Ulaanbaatar and Beijing are cheap. However, it's still possible to get by on a budget in both Moscow and St Petersburg.

On a medium budget spending money just on food, you should look at around:
- £20-35 per day in Moscow and St Petersburg
- £15-25 per day in Irkutsk
- £10-20 per day in Ulaanbaatar
- £20-30 per day in Beijing
- £5-15 per day on the train

If you are taking money with you, the easiest currencies to change are USD and EUR but other major currencies can usually be exchanged in most exchange offices.

This is only a very rough guide and you can also take your own food onboard the trains to save on costs. You should also budget between £10-30 for tips and extra money for alcoholic drinks, souvenirs etc.

Can you book accommodation and tours in China?
We can book accommodation throughout China. We offer our own tours in North East China (Dandong and Shenyang) and can also arrange tours in the rest of China through our partners in Beijing.