Take a trip to Pervomaysk Nuclear Missile Base, 300km south of Kiev and descend 33 metres underground to view one of the most important control centre's of the Cold War!

Pick up in Kiev and driven 300km to Pervomaysk.

Arrive at the missile base and meet one of the leaders of the site; usually an ex officer of the missile base. He will explain to you the history of the site before entering the base.

After your descent you will walk along a 150 metre long corridor which leads to a self contained silo based 12 storey Command Post. It was in use until 1994 and could function sealed from the outside world for 45 days.

Once inside you can sit in the actual Command seat where Soviet officers where once in charge of nine 'Satan' SS-22 Ballistic missiles. Press the 'button' which if pressed during the 1980's would have led to catastrophe.

You are able to look inside the Ballistic missiles which are equipped with up to 10 warheads and 40 penetration aids. They had an operating range of up to 15,200km and gave the Soviet Union 'first strike' advantage over the United States.

Return to Kiev for 17:00

Prices are:
4+ people: £105 per person
3 people: £119 per person
2 people: £165 per person
1 person: £275

Flights are not included with the Chernobyl tour.

We also offer overnight stays which allows extra time around Chernobyl and a full days sightseeing in Prypyat. Accommodation is provided in the Chernobyl hotel with all meals provided. You are welcome to choose your own itinerary of areas you would most like to visit

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