This trip is one of our most varied to date. Starting in Addis Ababa, we learn about the history of Haile Selassie, the Rastafari movement, the Derg and the Ethiopian civil war which led to the famine of the 1980's. We then travel onwards to visit the khat markets of Dire Dawa and the beautiful UNESCO listed ancient walled city of Harar. As well as a wealth of cultural sites there is also the opportunity to feed wild hyenas that roam the streets at night! Onto the self declared republic of Somaliland where as well as learning about the Somaliland civil war which led to the breakaway state declaring independence we will also visit 5000 year old cave paintings at Las Geel and the coastal resort of Berbera where we can enjoy freshly caught fish and relax on completely deserted beaches. We've been running our tours to Horn of Africa for 3 years now. Formerly known as British Somaliland Protectorate, the region gained independence in 1960 and became part of the State of Somalia along with Puntland and Somalia. In 1991 full civil war broke out in Somalia and the ensuing massacres led to the people of Somaliland to fight for international recognition ever since. With deserted beaches, 5000 year old cave paintings and a tiny capital city full of warm friendly people, Somaliland is a extremely unique side of Africa, that is so far empty of tourists. Be amongst the first to venture into this part of the world!

Tour dates Tour name Price
9-13 November 2017 Danakil Depression tour/extension £499
13-22 November 2017 Ethiopia & Somaliland tour *1 place remaining* £699
16-25 November 2017 Ethiopia & Somaliland tour group 2 *3 places remaining* £699
8-12 November 2018 Danakil Depression tour/extension £549
12-21 November 2018 Ethiopia & Somaliland tour £749


Please note that some sections of these tours travel to areas where the British FCO advises against all travel too. Namely the road from Hargeisa to Berbera in Somaliland, and Mogadishu on the optional extension.

We research the security of our destinations highly and safety is a priority for us, however, we advise you do you own research too to ensure you are comfortable with your trip.

During the journeys through these areas in Somaliland and Mogadishu, we will be travelling with armed guards.

Please note these travel warnings may also affect travel insurance for these regions, please contact us for advice on this.

Payment methods.

A deposit is taken on booking (£150) and can be made by credit card (via Paypal) or bank transfer.

Balance can be paid in advance by bank transfer or Paypal and is due 8 weeks prior to departure.