Lupine Travel are a global tour company, based in the UK and founded in 2008. We specialise in providing exciting travel opportunities to unique destinations at affordable prices. We now offer tours to more than 35 countries and territories throughout the world.

Our goal has remained the same since we were founded:  Find secure routes offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences in unique and hard-to-reach destinations and open them up to our clients at reasonable prices.

Why book with us?

We provide personalised customer service to our clients, strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction on all of our tours while providing the greatest value, and we always make safety our number one priority.

Our tours visit areas that are either impossible or can be very difficult to visit independently. Our group tours bring together like-minded people with a passion for travelling to off-the-beaten path destinations. Many of our clients are used to travelling independently so we do our best to offer group tours with an independent feel whenever possible.

Our clients come from all over the world and from all ages. To date, we’ve served clients from over 50 different nations with ages ranging from 18 months to 87 years!

We also offer full financial protection to anyone booking tours with us.


Lupine Travel has an excellent safety record. We routinely work with risk consultants and others to assess the security situation on the ground prior to each tour into a new region or into countries experiencing some level of political instability. We carefully monitor all security warnings promulgated by the UK FCO, US State Department among other entities, to ensure we have the most up-to-date information about each destination.

Lupine Travel requires that all customers attend a mandatory safety briefing prior to each tour. During the briefing, we discuss the current situation in the country, all relevant laws and regulations, expectations of you as a tourist, including proper conduct and etiquette for the region, and implications for inappropriate behaviour. We are sensitive to political, cultural, and religious differences throughout the world and seek to educate our customers so they can make the most of their travel experience.

Security is our foremost concern and we will continue to do everything possible to ensure our customers have a safe, enjoyable, and enriching experience on our tours.

As featured in...

Our North Korean trips and annual golf tournament has made worldwide news and featured on BBC, France 24,, Fuji TV, Publico, Daily Mail, Fox Sports, The Sun, The Daily Telegraph, TBS Japan, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Time Magazine and many more.

We have been featured in Time Magazine (USA), Daily Express (UK), Daily Mail (UK), L'Espresso (Italy),  G1 (Brazil), Guardian (UK), Wall Street Journal (USA) and much more.

You can also find us in various Lonely Planet and Bradt guide books.

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