Almost all of our upcoming tour dates can be seen below. We also have tours to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Baghdad and Libya that we do not list online for security reasons.

Additionally we arrange private tours to Cuba and daily tours to Chernobyl.

On top of this we run the Trans-Mongolian tour every Monday from St. Petersburg, every Wednesday from Beijing and every Saturday from Moscow.

Contact us for more info...

2019 Tour dates Tour name Places Price from
7-14Iran highlights tour 4+£849
9-August 1West Africa 24 day tour; Liberia-Cote D'Ivoire-Ghana-Togo-BeninFULL£2,765
9-24West Africa 16 day tour; Liberia-Cote D'Ivoire-GhanaFULL£1,879
14-22El Salvador, Honduras & Guatemala tour1£1035
18-1West Africa 15 Day tour; Ghana-Togo-BeninFULL£1,759
21-27Algeria tour w/ Tamanrasset extension4+£895
21-45' Stans tour FULLFULL
23-26Azerbaijan extension tour CLOSED£285
25-31North Korea Victory Day tour 4+£719
25-Aug 3North Korea Victory Day extended tour4+£1,149
25-Aug 6North Korea Victory Day extra long tour4+£1,599
26-Aug 3Georgia, Armenia & Artsakh tour CLOSED£735
3-12Burundi, Rwanda & DRC Summer tour FULL£1,485
4-9Chechnya & North Ossetia tourCLOSED£975
9-11South Ossetia tourCLOSED£955
12-18North Korea Liberation Day tour 4+£719
12-21North Korea Liberation Day long tour 4+£1,149
12-24North Korea Liberation Day extra long tour 4+£1,599
18-Sept 15' Stans tour 4+£1,699
24-25Prypyat & Chernobyl tourFULL£339
26-31Lebanon tour FULL£469
29-Sept 4Moldova & Transnistria Independence Day tour 3£495
5-11North Korea Founding of the DPRK tour 4+£719
5-14North Korea Founding of the DPRK extended tour 4+£1,149
5-17North Korea Founding of the DPRK extra long tour4+£1,599
22-28Algeria tour w/ Tamanrasset extensionFULL£895
29-Oct 135' Stans tour FULL£1,699
2-9Socotra Island tourFULL$1,950
5-12Iraq & Turkish Kurdistan tourFULL£899
7-13North Korea Party Foundation Day tour 4+£719
7-14Bangladesh Sundarbans safari tour 4+£799
7-16North Korea Party Foundation Day extended tour 4+£1,149
13-20Iran highlights tour 4+£894
19-26Iraq & Turkish Kurdistan tour FULL£899
26-27Prypyat & Chernobyl tour4+£339
4-12Bhutan & Bangladesh combo tour FULL£1,310
7-11Ethiopian Danakil Depression tour4+£559
9-18Sierra Leone & Liberia tour 4+£955
11-20Ethiopia & Somaliland tourFULL£925
16-25Burundi, Rwanda & DRC Summer tour FULL£1,485
18-24North Korea early Winter tour 4+£619
24-29Sudan tour4+£795
30-Dec 10Central African Republic & Cameroon tour FULL£2,245
1-9El Salvador, Honduras & Guatemala tourFULL£1,035
8-10North Korea Chollima budget express tour 4+£399
30-4North Korea New Year's Eve tour 4+£719
30-Jan 8Oymyakon tour; Yakutsk to Magadan 2£3,685
2020 Tour datesTour namePlacesPrice from
6-11Sudan highlights tour4+£855
13-19North Korea January tour 4+€695
1-8Chad safari tour 3£1,625
5-12Socotra Island tour2$1,950
9-15Algeria tour w/ Tamanrasset extension4+£895
13-17Ethiopian Danakil Depression tour4+£565
13-19North Korea Kim Jong-il Birthday tour4+€795
13-22North Korea Kim Jong-il Birthday tour w/ Ski extension4+€1,545
17-25Bhutan & Bangladesh combo tour 4+£1,395
17-26Ethiopia & Somaliland tour4+£925
17-22Sudan highlights tour4+£855
22-29Nigeria tour w/ Benin, Togo, Ghana extensionFULL£1,845
23-29Eritrea tour4+£995
2-7Sudan highlights tour4+£855
11-18Socotra Island tour3$1,950
21-28Turkmenistan Nawruz tour3£985
21-28Nigeria tour w/ Benin, Togo, Ghana extensionFULLFULL
4-11Iran highlights tour 4+£849
4-11Pakistan South Punjab tour4+£1,195
11-19North Pakistan Karakorum Highway tour4+£1,395
11-18Iraq & Turkish Kurdistan tour4+£985
13-19North Korea Kim Il-sung Birthday tour4+€795
13-22North Korea Kim Il-sung Birthday Coast to Coast tour4+€1,295
13.25North Korea Kim Il-sung Birthday Extra Long tour4+€1,825
12-265' Stans tour 4+£1,749
25-May 2Iraq & Turkish Kurdistan tour 4+£985
27-May 2Lebanon tour 4+£495
25-May 24Wigan to Pyongyang express4+£3,195
2-3Prypyat and Chernobyl tour4+£339
2-8Voyage to RockallFULL£1,595
5-11Moldova & Transnistria Victory Day tour 4+£495
17-315' Stans tour 4*£1,749
18-24North Korea Spring tour4+€795
18-27North Korea Spring Coast to Coast tour4+€1,295
14-285' Stans tour 4+£1,749
15-21North Korea Early Summer tour4+€795
15-24North Korea Early Summer Coast to Coast tour4+€1,295
12-20El Salvador, Honduras & Guatemala tour4+£1,035
19-Aug 25' Stans tour 4+£1,749
25-31North Korea Founding of the DPRK tour4+€795
25-Aug 3North Korea Founding of the DPRK Coast to Coast tour4+€1,295
25-Aug 6North Korea Founding of the DPRK Extra Long tour4+€1,825
26-16Summer long 5 or 6 'Stans w/ Afghanistan option4+£2,645
1-10Burundi, Rwanda & DRC Summer tour 4+£1,530
22-28Kamchatka Volcanoes tour4+£1,885
24-25Prypyat and Chernobyl tour4+£339
20-26Algeria tour w/ Tamanrasset extension4+£895
3-10Iraq & Turkish Kurdistan tour4+£985
4-185' Stans tour 4+£1,749
10-17Iran highlights tour 4+£849
11-18Bangladesh Sundarbans safari tour 4+£799
17-24Iraq & Turkish Kurdistan tour 4+£985
2-10Bhutan & Bangladesh combo tour 4+£1,395
5-9Ethiopian Danakil Depression tour4+£565
7-16Sierra Leone & Liberia tour 4+£995
9-18Ethiopia & Somaliland tour4+£925
21-28Nigeria tour w/ Benin, Togo, Ghana extensionFULLFULL
23-28Sudan highlights tour4+£855
28-December 9Central African Republic & Cameroon tour 4+£2,335
5-12Nigeria tour w/ Benin, Togo, Ghana extension4+£1,845
2021 Tour datesTour namePlacesPrice from
2022 Tour datesTour namePlacesPrice from
Dates pendingVoyage to Rockall4+£1,745